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Monday October 28

Pre Congress Ben Shemen
FICE Bussiness Meetings ( by invitation only)

Friday, November 1, 2019

Professional tours (field visits) for the FICE  Conference participants
*The payment for the field visit tour is included in the registration fees

The purpose of the field visits is to expose the conference participants to various ways of providing services to children and youth at residential care centers and community-based settings for children and youth at risk in Israel.

  • Departure from Tel Aviv hotels: 08.00 a.m. by bus accompanied by representatives of the conference staff.
  • Return to Tel Aviv between 15.30 to 17.30 p.m., depending on traffic.
  • Lunch will be served at one of the residential programs

North Route 1 – Visiting mixed educational and treatment-oriented residential care setting 

In Israel, there are two types of residential care settings, educational settings, designed mainly for underprivileged youth, and treatment-oriented settings, designed for children and youth at risk. In Hadassim youth village, the participants will be presented with the mixed model of educational and treatment Residential settings. 
The visit will include touring the beautiful village and visiting a family group home.  Continuing to the North, we will visit at the "Ahava" Youth village in Kiryat Bialik.
The Director of Ahava will present a special story of a welfare residential center that was transferred from Germany to Israel before World War II. There will be explanations about the variety of services that the treatment residential care center offers: A residential emergency shelter for crisis intervention; programs for care leavers, providing a solution to the 18+ young adults; and the model applied for caring to children and youth at high risk in family group homes. We shall finish the tour, having lunch there together with Ahava team members.
On the way back to Tel Aviv, we will have a Tour in Haifa, including view of the Louis Boulevard + Walking in the German Colony.

North Route 2 - Marine Education and Coping with Migration

A visit to the Yemin Orde - youth village. This youth village has a long-standing specialization in dealing with immigrant youth populations. The staff of "Derech Kfar" association, based in this youth village will present its philosophy of "the village way" and how they practice it. Nearby, we will visit the artists' village of Ein Hod and from there to the harbor of the ancient city of Caesarea.
After that, we will visit at the Mevo'ot Yam Mikhmoret, youth village, which combines professional education for youth at risk and trains its students for marine activities. Lunch will be served there before heading back to Tel Aviv.

North Route 3 – Understanding the Differences between the welfare Therapeutic residential Centers and the educational type of residential education facilities called - youth villages

A visit to one of the first youth villages in Israel, "Meir Shfeya",
Listen to the fascinating history of the village and its activities, which combines residential education work and specialization in sports and production of wine. 
We will continue for a short visit to the beautiful city of Zikhron Yaakov, one of the first settlement of the renewed Jewish settlement at the end of the 19th century.
We will visit the Talpiot Therapeutic center, which has become a place that in addition to the residential therapeutic services it give to children at risk, supply a large variety of services and welfare needs to the nearby city, Hadera. We will hear about the process of change that the village has gone through during the last ten years. 
We'll have there our lunch before heading back to Tel Aviv.

Southern Route 4 - welfare residential Centers in areas that had suffered from security instability

Our tour will begin with an 18+ year-old apartment for young adults, integrated into the community and operated by "Or-Shalom" Organization. There, young adults will tell their stories of their integration and experience as youngsters, living in the area occasionally subjected to rocket attacks from the Gaza strip. We shall walk on the beach promenade of the city of Ashkelon and hear about the town roots. 
We will continue our tour to the Neve Hanna Treatment residential Center in Kiryat-Gat, which operates unique creativities, combine business activities like a Bakery operated by children, integrating students with community initiatives and a unique framework for children from the Bedouin Sector.
We will continue to the youth village Kedma for high-risk youth. The youth village that has many years of experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of youth who have been practicing criminal activities and involved with drugs.
Lunch will be served at the village before heading back to Tel Aviv.

Center Route 5 -   Judea Mountains near Jerusalem – residential programs dealing with highly disturbed youth and out of home care in the Arab sector.

We will visit the B'nai B'rith residential Institute (Harei Yerushalim ), which treats children with characteristics that requires psychiatric intervention. The institution has a great deal of knowledge and a deep understanding of work, based on the psychoanalytic model.
 We will continue to the Abu Gosh treatment residential Center that serves the Arab sector. There we will hear about the specific care needed for this specific population. We will tour the beautiful village of Abu Ghosh and continue to Kiryat Ye'arim, a youth village specializing in caring for high risk Children.
There we will have our lunch before going back to Tel Aviv.

Center Route 6 – Foster care, multicultural approaches and staff training

We will visit Ahuzat Sarah residential care program in Benei-Berak. There we will see - a model that was developed by an N.G.O. "yeladim-Fair chance for children", which develops educational and cultural programs for the social pedagogue team in treatment residential care programs-on a national level. We shall hear the discussion and realize, how the third sector's is coping and improving central issues in Israel's out-of-home-care system. 
We will visit the family room designated for families visiting their children at the Treatment residential Center.
Later, We will visit the therapeutic center of the "Or-Shalom" organization in Kiryat Ono and learn about the foster care treatment in Israel. 
We shall continue to the Mosenzon Youth Village, where we will meet a youth village with extensive experience in educating youth in a multicultural perception from all over the world. A unique model of urban agriculture module. There, we will have our lunch before going back to Tel Aviv.