Oral Presentation Instructions

Updating abstracts for the virtual platform

To update your abstract, to be displayed on the virtual platform, please enter the link HERE.
Please follow the instructions to complete the missing details.

Pre-recordings of lectures

All paper presentations are pre-recorded; please schedule your pre-recordings HERE.

The duration of your lecture is 15 minutes. Kindly note that due to large number of presentations and the limited time available, running overtime will not be allowed.

Oral presentation during the symposium

Following the broadcasting of each session you will have 5 minutes for LIVE Q&A.

Please read important guidelines for the live broadcasting of your Q&A

Zoom link will be sent closer to date.

Please follow the below guidelines for optimal viewer experience:  

  1. Ensure your microphone, headphone or speakerphone is near you.
  2. Try to use a headset mic or ear buds type microphone.
  3. Use a quiet area that does not echo and avoid ambient noise in your room e.g. sound of air conditioner, dog barking. Microphones are more sensitive to high frequency noises which include sound of air conditioners and other external noises.
  4. Ensure you have functional web cam connected to your computer/ laptop.
  5. Please ensure that your webcam is on and that the webcam is situated slightly above where you will be sitting, for a more flattering view.
  6. Be near a location that has good frontal light, e.g. opposite a window. Refrain from using backlit areas like light behind you coming from a window.
  7. If you are using a laptop which has a built-in webcam, try to position the webcam of the laptop to be in line with or higher than your eyes.
  8. Speak clearly and loudly.