Call for Abstracts



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Conference Topics

Proposals for paper presentations, workshops, round tables or panels are invited to discuss the tentative topics listed below:

  • Topic 1: Higher Education Globalization and Internationalization:
    Research Networks and Knowledge Creation, Higher Education in Emerging Markets (Africa, Asia, South America), Higher Education Administration and Management, The Changing Landscape of  The Academic Profession, Challenges of Internationalization, Innovation and Creativity in Higher Education, Higher Education and the Global Financial Crisis
  • Topic 2: Rankings and Quality Audits:
    Ranking Methodologies, Effects of  Global and National Rankings, Quality Assurance Issues, Credit Transfer, National Competitiveness and Higher Education, Gender Issues in Higher Education
  • Topic 3: Leveraging Technology in Higher Education:
    Teaching and Teaching Technologies, Campus and Virtual Communities – Challenges and Opportunities, Physical Space Design and Functionality
  • Topic 4: Academia-Government-Labor Markets Interfaces:
    Academic Institutions and the Community, Regional and Country Issues of Higher Education, Community Involvement and Higher Education, Accreditation and Credit
  • Topic 5: Privatization and Accessibility Issues:
    Private Higher Education- Risks and Opportunities, Business Models of Privately Held Institutions of Higher Learning.
  • Topic 6: Leveraging Academia in the Quest for Peace
  • Topic 7: Minorities Integration and Empowerment:
    The Role of Academia
  • Topic 8: Educating the educators for the 21st Century


Bilkent University, Turkey
(Founding Institution)

Trier University, Germany (Founding Institution)



Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel



Levinsky College, Israel


Braude College, Israel


Ashkelon Academic College, Israel


Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel


Shenker College of Engineering and Design, Israel


Ruppin Academic Center, Israel



The College of Sakhnin, Israel