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About Israel

The State of Israel has embarked on its second jubilee, and is still going strong. Lush green valleys and golden deserts; winter snow-capped mountains and sun-washed coral beaches; breathtaking landscapes and stunning seas, fashionable shopping centers and buzzing oriental bazaars. Israel's history spans more than 5,000 years; its present is contained in a tiny world of barely 13,000 square kilometers. Yet even though the roots of Israel are deeply embedded in a heritage going back many millennia, the country itself is very much geared to the vigour of modern-day living. This is a State that was reborn in 1948, and since then, the pioneering spirit of its people has created a nation, which is in the forefront of wide-ranging fields of science, technology and culture. The State of Israel regards scientific research, both in the academic and the industrial perspectives, as its main natural resource. There are seven world renowned research universities in Israel and dozens of colleges. The Hi-Tech industry drives Israel's economy. Many large international firms have established research and development centers in Israel, including Intel, Motorola, IBM, Texas Instruments and Microsoft. Numerous start-up companies are finding their way to fame and glory. The Hi-Tech industry is working in conjunction with academia conducting joint research plans, always reaching to new frontiers.

Thanks to the devotion of its people, the physical face of Israel -- much of which was a dusty and barren desert not long ago, has blossomed into a land of milk and honey, with an abundance of rich, productive farmlands, successful industries and exciting cities -- and an infrastructure which forms the basis for what surely must be one of the world's most fascinating destinations.

Israel cannot fail to impress even experienced travelers, whatever their interests may be, capturing their imagination and widening their interest, involvement and affinity for the land.

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