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About the Conference

The International Conference on Higher Education (ICHE), has been a leading conferecne in the field of higher eduacation since 1981. The conference was held in various international locations, such as Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, Romania, Luxemburg, Poland, Jordan, Slovenia, Czech Republic, China, United Kingdom,Canada, France, Sweden, Finland, United States of America. The ICHE 2014 conference is co-sponsored by Bilkent University, Turkey, Trier University, Germany and various Academic Institutions in Israel.

The theme for the 2014 International Conference on Higher Education is Globalization and Integration. Following is a short rationale for the theme.

Most world's organs, markets, systems and processes are becoming global. This trend of globalization is prevalent in higher education regarding curriculum, faculty and student transfer, remote course offerings, global research and scientific consortiae and the convergence of academic administrative standards and practices. Furthermore, globalization affects inclusion, as world economies, government and non government institutions are called upon to include minorities, women, younger and older age groups, periphery communities and residents of emerging markets in their quest for higher education. Today, various countries are trying to adopt market economies and recognize and enhance muticulturalism. If they are to succeed in their quest, inclusion becomes an imperative. Globalization is paralleled with integration, which is initiated and sustained through the emergence of social-digital technologies, intense academic networking and interchangeability of degree programs and course credits. Emerging digital technologies empower individuals, communities and societies in a variety of ways and are leveraged in the context of academic learning systems and advancing the state of knowledge in all scientific disciplines. As the world goes through a major economic crisis, institutes of higher education change modes of operations and produce long term, strategic plans in order to enjoy a balanced growth.  It is hoped that the ICHE and its participants; senior academic leaders, academic executives and administrators, as well as deans, chairs and faculty members, will create and propose ways and means to internalize and leverage the issues of globalization and integration.

In particular, it is hoped that the meeting will generate new ways to conceive, design, organize, operate and audit new and renewed types of higher education organs around the world.


Bilkent University, Turkey
(Founding Institution)

Trier University, Germany (Founding Institution)



Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel



Levinsky College, Israel


Braude College, Israel


Ashkelon Academic College, Israel


Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel


Shenker College of Engineering and Design, Israel


Ruppin Academic Center, Israel



The College of Sakhnin, Israel