Theme: The Creation of New States and collapse of Old Empires

The year 2018 coincides with two important events:

  • The 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel.
  • The End of WW1 Centenary.

This double anniversary offers a wonderful opportunity to discuss both the end of WW1 and the large number of new states which had been created afterwards, and the birth of new states in the context of wars of liberation and independence.


The Congress will invite all participants to discuss the following but not exclusively sub-topics.

  1. 29th November UN decision to create two states in Palestine – the political-diplomatic struggle.
  2. The outbreak of 1948, Israeli War of Independence, the theater and relative strength.
  3. The Arab-Jewish war into Palestine boundaries, November 1947 – May 1948.
  4. The campaign against the Arab Armies invasion – May 1948.
  5. From underground movement to an Army – Creation of IDF.
  6. The 1948 War on sea and in the Air.
  7. 1948 War outcome and international consequences.
  8. Balfour declaration and its impact on the Middle East.
  9. Allenby last offensive – Megiddo 1918.
  10. The collapse of the Outman Empire and creation of new states in the Balkan and the Middle East.
  11. The collapse of old empires in Europe: Russia; Austro-Hungary and Germany.
  12. The self-determination concept and the birth of new states.