Presentation Requests

Please complete the presentation requests for each of your presentations. If you have multiple presentations, be sure to edit each of the presentations and add this information.

Standard presentation equipment includes: a lecture with standing microphone, laptop PC, projector and screen. The laptop will be Windows 7 and loaded with Office 2010.

You must bring your presentation on a USB flash drive and use the provided laptop. You may not unplug the PC and attach your own device. NO EXCEPTIONS!


You will be asked to supply the following information:

If you have special equipment requirements, please indicate here: __________________.

If you have a disability that requires an accommodation please describe your requirements here: __________________.

If you would like to designate a person to introduce you please enter their name (be sure to obtain their permission). __________________.  If you do not designate a person, the conference will appoint someone.


Speakers may receive a table at no cost for two hours following their presentation to sign and sell books that they have authored. The speaker is responsible for all logistics, for staffing the table and any applicable taxes.

__­­­­­­­­­­­__ Yes, I request a sales table to sell my book(s)

____ No, I do not request a sales table.