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“Jewish Genealogy Unplugged” On-Demand Access

For only $149

Fifty** of the best programs from the 35th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy held in Jerusalem, July 6 – 10 2015, will be streamed to you ON-DEMAND! for viewing over the Internet on your computer, tablet, or smartphone within a few hours of presentation. This service is being presented in co-operation with .

The IAJGS Conference ON-DEMAND! 2015 is the premiere Jewish genealogy educational resource available over the Internet today. Using the latest in video broadcast technology, lectures are presented ON DEMAND by the world’s top experts on the topic of Jewish genealogy. ON-DEMAND! sessions are ideal for beginning and advanced researchers alike.

On-demand access is available for 3 months after the conference (until October 10, 2015). Resource handouts*** are also available for download.

  • $149 for the entire package of ON-DEMAND! sessions (ON-DEMAND! Full)
  • $99 for ON-DEMAND! Full if purchased by a registered attendee of the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem
  • $55 for accessing only one day’s sessions
  • $30 for Friday’s half-day sessions.

Kindly Note:

  • Please be aware that it may take up to 2 business days to receive your instructions for accessing IAJGS ON-DEMAND!
  • All registrants will be given a unique password.  You will use your email address as your ID with this password to access the On Demand system
  • The access is for viewing only. Download is not available
  • Daily Registration – will allow you to view only the specific days you ordered

**The total number of programs will be determined at broadcast time

***Handouts are available for each session where they are provided by the lecturer




Here is a sampling of the IAJGS Conference ON-DEMAND! feedback received from previous subscribers:

“I am getting a lot out of each presentation. They are a gold mine! Great job!” Kerry

“I have signed up for the full conference package and it is excellent. Thank you.” Mel

“It’s wonderful to be able to “feel a part of the Conference” without being there ...” Norma

“Was unable to attend the conference in Boston, but am attending in front of my computer or ipad. I have been walking around the house glued to the presentations today. What a magnificent idea. Thanks for this amazing undertaking.” Marilyn

“The ON-DEMAND! playback is a great idea! An improvement over the old CDs that were sold.” Zyppora

“I was disappointed that I couldn't attend this year's conference and thought the ON-DEMAND! sessions were the next best thing. I'm glad I'll be able to view sessions after the conference. There are so many sessions I want to access but my time is limited, especially during the day. I hope you have many interested members who are using this service - it's a brilliant idea - and that it will become a feature for all IAJGS conferences from now on.” Evelyn

"I am soooo excited. I have been going to the conferences since the very first one. Unfortunately, the last few years I haven't been able to attend due to taking care of my… mother. I look forward to participating in the ON DEMAND. I already reactivated my Twitter a/c." Mona

“These recordings are a wonderful idea. With blessings.” Linda

“It was a wonderful feature of the conference to view the sessions and I thank you and your associates for setting it up.” Roz

“I was delighted to be able to view each day of sessions that were streamed ON DEMAND online at the conference… I will re-visit the videos and the handouts just in case I missed something. Thank you for supplying them and making it possible to see them after the conference. Most speakers were outstanding! I have been doing our family genealogy for several years and organized a Mishpocha Reunion… which 96 cousins attended. On my mother's paternal side of the family, with the help of a few other relatives, we traced back into the 18th century. Many thanks!!” Carolmae



  1. What is IAJGS Conference ON-DEMAND!?

ON-DEMAND! sessions are uploaded to the Internet soon after the live presentations and remain for viewing for 3 additional months –on your schedule. ON-DEMAND! video displays the session speaker(s)’ presentation intermeshed with the speaker(s)’ slides.

  1. Who is ON-DEMAND! for?

Beginning/ Intermediate/ Advanced/ Professional genealogists who cannot attend the conference in person. The ON-DEMAND! programs will include our most popular sessions, encompassing a wide range of Jewish genealogy skill levels. Certain lectures will be translated.

ON-DEMAND! videos are also ideal for Conference attendees who could not attend particularly important sessions due to schedule conflicts and/or multiple conference programs being offered simultaneously.

  1. How do I access ON-DEMAND!? 

Once you have registered for ON-DEMAND!, you will receive an email with instructions including a log-in link, user id and your password. If you purchased ON-DEMAND! Daily, you will only have access to those sessions that are scheduled ON-DEMAND! for that day.

  1. Are there Resource Handouts? How do I access them?

Handouts will be available for each ON-DEMAND! session where the lecturer has provided them. (While lecturers are encouraged to provide a handout, not all do.) Once you have registered for ON-DEMAND! and logged in, you will see the day’s ON-DEMAND! lecture schedule grid. If a handout is available, there will be an icon for an Adobe PDF file to the right of the session listed. You may open, download, and or print the file as desired.

  1. When is ON-DEMAND! available?

ON-DEMAND! is available within a few hours after the scheduled time of the lecture at the 35th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem, July 6-10. Most lectures are approximately 45 minutes in length. A schedule of all ON-DEMAND! sessions is available at .

Each ON-DEMAND lecture will be uploaded to the ON-DEMAND! Website within a few hours after it is presented live at the Conference. It will then remain available for ON-DEMAND! viewing for a three-month duration (until October 10, 2015).

  1. What if I need help?

If you have questions or difficulty accessing ON-DEMAND!, e-mail Please try these remedies first:

  1. Refresh your browser.
  2. Make sure you have typed the password correctly – including all special characters and observing uppercase and lowercase.
  3. If you are trying to access a video on-demand of a lecture delivered the same day, please wait 3 to 6 hours have passed. It takes time for a video stream to be uploaded on the ON- DEMAND! website.
  4. If you purchased ON-DEMAND! Daily, make sure the session you are trying to access is part of the schedule for the day(s) for which you registered and paid.
  1. How do I register?

You have the option of registering for ON-DEMAND! by individual day (ON-DEMAND! Daily) or for the entire week (ON-DEMAND! Full).

  1. What does it cost?

ON-DEMAND! Daily = $55 USD per day (Monday to Thursday)

ON-DEMAND! Daily = $30 (Friday)

ON-DEMAND! Full = $149 USD

ON-DEMAND! Full with registration to attend the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem in person = $99 USD

Note: There is no ON-DEMAND! discount for those attending the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem who choose to subscribe to ON-DEMAND! Daily.

  1. Can I download ON-DEMAND! videos?

No. You do not have permission to download or screen-capture the ON- DEMAND! programs.

  1. How do I access the sessions after the time they were ON-DEMAND! streamed?

Detailed instructions are available on the landing page once you log on to ON- DEMAND! with your credentials.

  1. I paid to attend the Conference in Jerusalem. Can I also access ON- DEMAND!?

Only if you additionally paid and registered specifically for ON-DEMAND!

ON-DEMAND! is a separate service.

  1. Can I share ON DEMAND! videos with others?

No, your registration only permits you to view the ON DEMAND! video for your own personal use. You may not share the viewing of ON-DEMAND! with others. You have a unique password, and sharing may result in the system cancelling your access permission.

  1. I had to cancel my in person attendance at the Jerusalem conference. Can I instead have access to ON-DEMAND!?

Only if you additionally paid and registered for ON-DEMAND!

ON-DEMAND! is a separate service.

  1. Can I reserve ON-DEMAND! after the Conference in Jerusalem ends?

Yes, up to 90 days after the Conference ends

Thank You  for your help in bringing the 35th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy to a wider audience.