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Exhibitor Hall Information

We would like to invite you to exhibit at the 35th Annual IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy to be held in Jerusalem July 6-10, 2015. This meeting will attract experts and researchers from Israel, North America, Europe and points beyond, approximately 700-900 participants.

The Conference focuses on exchanging information and ideas most important for genealogical research, and provides a special opportunity to promote your products or services to a targeted market. Based on our experience, Conference participants are very interested in discovering what is available in the marketplace. This includes books (new and out of print), maps, yizkor books, histories and descriptions of worldwide Jewish communities, archival materials, software, and research aids, Judaic, memorabilia etc… The Exhibitor Hall is always one of the most popular attractions at our genealogy Conferences as it gives attendees the opportunity to view and purchase publications and materials not easily accessible elsewhere. 

As this is an International Conference, the official language is English with some Hebrew lectures and translations. Although most publications will be in English, Hebrew or Yiddish, there is also a market for especially interesting or important works in European languages. 

Conference Venue: 

Ramada Jerusalem Hotel, Ruppin Bridge at Herzl Blvd.

General Information

Conference dates: Monday - Friday, July 6-10, 2015
Exhibition dates:   Tuesday - Thursday, July 7-9, 2015

Exhibition Timetable*

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

  • 06:00 – 07:30 hrs    Exhibits setup for exhibitors with open spaces
  • 08:00 – 17:30 hrs     Exhibition opening hours     

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
    08:00 – 17:00 hrs     Exhibition opening hours

Thursday, July 9, 2015

  • 08:00 – 17:00 hrs     Exhibition opening hours

* Preliminary timetable. Opening hours are subject to change.

Important note! All booth setup must be finished by Tuesday 07:30. After this time, bringing materials into the exhibition area will not be permitted.

Exhibitor Hall Layout:

Click here to view floor map 


US $ 350 
*Israeli companies/individuals should add 18% VAT on the above rates as required by law.

Payment include: 1 display table 1.80x0.77 meters + 2 chairs and electricity.
Basic internet connection is available for additional payment of US$ 95 per day.
You are encouraged to register early as space is limited, and it is possible that all exhibitors will not be able to be accommodated. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received. Upon request, participating exhibitors will be listed on the Conference website.

Important notes! 

  • Additional display space can be ordered for extra payment. 
  • Exhibitors, who have not yet paid for their participation in the exhibition, are kindly requested to immediately forward payment. Reservations are not final until payment has been received in full. 
  • Additional services such as telephone line, extended internet, etc. can be ordered from the Conference Organizer (rina@ortra.com) for an extra charge. Rates will be quoted separately.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to postpone, change, resize or relocate the exhibition to another location and/or date on its own consideration if such change is required due to unexpected circumstances. 
  • Exhibitors reserving non-constructed floor space must submit a plan of their booth/space to the organizers for approval no later than May 28, 2015. Plans should be submitted to Ms. Rina Paiss at: rina@ortra.com
  • Exhibitors that have design displays higher than 2.5 meters, or that are built of trusses or wood construction, must provide Ms. Rina Paiss a certificate of approval from a construction engineer.  
  • Please note: Exhibitors will make certain that their booth wall adjacent to the neighbors will be aesthetic.

Terms and Conditions of Participation

Any company that participates in the exhibition is doing so at its sole responsibility and liability. Any such company must maintain an adequate insurance policy with a sufficient coverage for its property, employees, representatives and any visitors participating in the exhibition against any risk, loss and damage, of any kind whatsoever. It being clarified that absence of such an insurance policy or an invalidity of any such insurance policy shall neither derogate, in any manner, from the company's liabilities and responsibilities hereunder nor create a liability or responsibility of such kind for Ortra or anyone on its behalf, and Ortra will not be liable, whether financially or otherwise, towards any third party whatsoever in respect of any risk, loss and damage incurred by any third party, including the company or anyone on its behalf.

Registration and Payments

Potential exhibitors are requested to complete the “Exhibition Application Form” below and return it to the Conference organizers, ORTRA Ltd. 

Payments can be made by one of the following options:

  • Bank draft in New Israeli Shekel (NIS) to ORTRA Ltd. 
  • Wire transfer in NIS to ORTRA Ltd, Bank Leumi, branch no. 616, 9 Hashlosha st., Tel Aviv, Israel.
    Account no. 472330, Swift code: LUMIILITTLV, IBAN: IL68 0106 1600 0000 9510 090. 
    Bank charges are the responsibility of the participant and should be paid at source in addition to the registration fees
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Diners) in NIS / USD / EURO

Exhibition package must be paid in full within 21 days of receiving confirmation and invoice (however no later than July 1, 2015).

Important Note
A preferred location at the Exhibition will be offered to the Supporters of the Conference. Assignment of space to exhibitors is based upon “first come first served” system. The Conference organizers will continue to receive applications and assign exhibit space, as it remains available, until the Conference opening date. In all cases, full payment of the exhibition fee, must be received prior to conference opening date.


Refund of Exhibitor Hall registration fees will be made if written notification of cancellation will reach Ortra Ltd, the Conference Organizer as follows:

Until April 15, 2015 – Full refund less bank charges
April 16 – May 14, 2015 – 50% refund less bank charges
From May 15, 2015 – No Refund

For questions and/or additional information, please contact Ms. Rina Paiss at, the Exhibitor Hall Coordinator 
E-MAIL: rina@ortra.com  Tel: +972-3-638-4444, Fax: +972-3-638-4444

Safety and Insurance


  • The organizers are obliged to insure the orderly operation of the exhibition by all means at their disposal.
  • Exhibitors in standard constructed booths may not add any elements to the fascia provided by the organizers, without prior permission. 
  • All designs and constructions must be pre-approved by the Organizer at least one month prior to the conference and receive the approval of a construction, electric and safety engineer.
  • All equipment used for display or demonstrations, must comply with local safety regulations. 
  • Exhibitors may not place exhibits or furniture outside their allocated space.
  • Exhibitors are not allowed to distribute any sort of handouts such as brochures or giveaways in the public areas of the hotel. 
  • Each Exhibitor is responsible for the order and cleanliness of its own booth.
  • Exhibitors will refrain from obstructing aisles or entrances to other stands and from making noise or odors that may cause inconvenience to other exhibitors, including by using sound systems and/or display outside their space or above booth height.
  • Transportation of exhibits and equipment to and from the exhibition area, and all setups inside the stand, are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and on his expense. All equipment should be placed in the Exhibitor's space prior to the Opening Hours of the Exhibition. No transportation and/or insertion of equipment during Exhibition Opening Hours will be allowed.  
  • Exhibitors are not allowed to take exhibits and equipment in or out of the stand, during visiting hours.  Furthermore - It is strictly forbidden to dismantle display materials and equipment prior to the official closing time of the exhibition!

The organizers, although providing general peripheral security, are by no means responsible for theft or damage to exhibitors' property. Exhibitors are required to insure themselves and their property against theft, damage and third-party claims by visitors and staff.

Additional Services 

For further details, rates and guidelines regarding additional technical arrangements such as furniture & equipments, set up times, conferences and events program, etc. – please refer to the Conference's web site: http://www.iajgs2015.org

Conference Organizer

Rina Paiss, Exhibition Coordinator +972-3-6384442; rina@ortra.com