IAJGS thanks you for your cooperation in following their Social Media Policy

Official hashtag – #iajgs2015

Except by specific prior written permission, IAJGS does not permit the recording of presentations at the IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy under any circumstances or in any form or media, including but not limited to audio recordings, still photography, video recordings, or literal transcripts.

IAJGS permits and encourages the use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and blogging at the conference as a way to summarize, highlight, excerpt, review, critique, and/or promote the presented materials, syllabus materials, or the conference in general, provided that

1. copyright law is observed
2. verbatim information is limited to a few quotes, and
3. the author or speaker is referenced and cited appropriately.
Please keep in mind that our presenters have invested many hours in the development of this material and copyright laws apply.

Out of respect for the other participants, we ask that noise-making electronic devices be silenced, though they need not be turned off, so that they may be used to follow along in the syllabus, tweet, or take notes in accordance with the above stated social media policy.

We encourage participants in the conference to:

  • Follow us on Twitter (@IAJGSConf).
  • Send us a tweet @IAJGSconf for general information or use the hashtag #iajgs2015 for Annual Conference-related tweets.
  • Blog, post, and tweet about what you are hearing and seeing at the conference (highlighting or commenting on, but not sharing in detail, any of the material presented).
  • Suggest sessions to attend and luncheons to enjoy; chat about products and services in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Feel free to take and share photographs at any time in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Request the permission of speakers in advance if you would like to take their photograph directly before or after a session. (Unless you are an official IAJGS photographer, please obtain the permission of the speaker before taking pictures, and please take photographs only before a session starts, or after it concludes.)
  • Provide feedback to IAJGS staff and the Program Committee. (For example, you could discuss topics of interest and/or speakers for next year’s conference, make suggestions for sessions, or comment on the conference format.)
  • Keep criticism constructive.

We request that participants in the conference refrain from:

  • Using audio and/or video recording devices. These are strictly prohibited in sessions and in the Exhibit Hall, except in the interview area or by prior written agreement.
  • Using photographic devices during sessions.
  • Using photographic devices in the session rooms without permission of the speaker.
  • Capturing, transmitting, or redistributing syllabus materials or the bulk of the material presented in a session. Doing so infringes on the intellectual property rights of the speakers.
  • Engaging in rudeness or personal attacks.

By attending the conference you agree to be photographed and video recorded and your image and audio may be used in IAJGS products and promotional materials.