The aims of the conference are many and varied, and the main goal is to open a window into a fascinating and challenging field of dermatology, while focusing on various nail diseases. Different skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, Lichen planus, etc. often affect nails with or without the appearance of fungal infection.

We have witnessed many clinical manifestations of various nail diseases - both as part of a range of skin diseases or as a specific manifestation of nail disease, for example, non-inflammatory malignant tumors of the nail and / or around the nail. In addition, the conference will discuss common disorders such as nail fungus in its various forms, ingrown nails, and treatment of diseases related to the structure of the nail plate. In addition, there will be presentations related to surgical procedures intended for the diagnosis and / or treatment of various nail disorders, with a focus on planning nail bed and matrix biopsies and the character of the diagnostic biopsy - mainly from various melanocytic lesions of the nails.

The conference will cover various updates related to advanced research and diagnostic methods on different biological treatment for nail psoriasis / lichen planus etc, what's new in systemic / topical antifungal treatments; an update on the genetic basis of inherited nail disorders, various treatments for unique nail diseases combined with other diseases such as nail psoriasis, both as pure psoriasis and in combination with the accompanying fungal infection, as well as the treatment approach to nail fungus, with the usual treatments including terbinafine, itraconazole, and fluconazole - which have failed - and we will discuss the therapeutic approach in these challenging cases.

We will also deal with the use of advanced molecular biology techniques in various fungal diseases, compared to the standard methods used until today.

In addition, updates will be presented regarding treatments using a range of nail lasers – and their advantages and disadvantages. We will present the effectiveness of different biological treatments for various nail diseases, primarily for psoriasis.

Finally, we will discuss new antifungal and antideformity treatments of nails, as well as innovative techniques that increase the absorption of antifungal preparations into the nail bed.

The conference program will include guest lectures and update lectures.

The conference will be attended by guest lecturers from the United States and Europe.

Conference President                                    Conference Co-Chair                            Conference Co-Chair
Prof. Avner Shemer                                        Prof. C. Ralph Daniel                             Prof. Dimitris Rigopoulos