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Sunday, May 22



   Morning gathering with Light breakfast

   Sponsored by OSEM


Translational Nutrigenomics Workshop  |  Israel A Hall

Chairs:  Baukje De Roos, University of Aberdeen, UK
              Dana Weiner, Sheba Medical Center, Israel


Opening Remarks


Translational Nutrigenomics: Reshaping the Nutrition Landscape
Yael Joffe, Manuka Science, South Africa



Moving From Population Advice to Personalized Advice: The Need for Big Datasets to Find Out How Genotypes and Metabotypes Can Contribute To a Desired Phenotype
Baukje de Roos, University of Aberdeen, UK


Harnessing Nutrigenomics to Favorably Modify Cellular Defense: Redefining Antioxidant Concepts
Christine Houghton, Cell Logic, Australia


Coffee break & Visit the Exhibition

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Personalized Nutrition for Obesity Management
Alfredo Martínez, Institute of Nutrition at the University of Navarra, Spain



Moving Towards Specific Nutrigenetics Recommendation Algorithms: Caffeine, Genetic Variation and Cardiovascular Risk
Raffaele De Caterina, University of Chieti, Italy


The Food4Me Studies – Implications for Personalized Nutrition
Lorraine Brennan, UCD Institute of Food and Health, Ireland


Epigenetics – The Missing Piece in the Food Allergy Puzzle
Shimrit Barel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


Lunch & Visit the Exhibition

13:50- 14:35

Nutritional Genomics of the Mediterraneen Diet: A Dietary Pattern That "Talks" to Our Genes
Valentini Konstantinidou, DNANutricoach, Spain


Panel Discussion, Conclusions, Future Perspectives
Yael Joffe, Manuka Science, South Africa
Baukje de Roos, University of Aberdeen, UK
Dana Weiner, Sheba Medical Center, Israel 

15:20-16:30 Coffee Break & Visit the Exhibition



Innovation: from Academia to Market  |  Israel A Hall

How to make the courageous move from research to applicable product with commercialization potential

Chairs:  Marta Butler, Universidad Nacional Evagelica, Dominican Republic
               Zohar Kerem, The Hebrew University, Israel

16:30-17:00   SNC’s Innovation Talk:
  The Future of Nutrition and Health: What's Next for the Start-Up Nation

  Saul Singer
Co-author, Start-Up Nation, Israel


  Experts Panel

  Moderator: Anna Phillips , Start-Up Nation Central, Israel


  • Academia  |  Michal Levi, Yissum, Israel
  • NGO  |  Sivan Yaari, Innovation Africa, Israel
  • Investor  |  Nadav Berger, Founder & CEO of FoodLab Capital, Israel
  • Industry/abroad  |  Peter Jones, Head of Danone Canada Research Center, Canada
17:40-17:55   From Grain to Brain
  Zohar KeremThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


  Companies / Research Projects Showcase


  • Research stage
    Genetic Improvement of Sesame: Nutrient Content and Bioavailability
    Zvi Peleg, 
    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • Early stage startup
    Seaweed – not just sushi, Novel Aquaculture Technology
    Moshe Rivosh,
    Seakura, Israel
  • Companies with product and sales
    Yael Lichter,
    Enzymotec, Israel
  • Established
    Traits and Properties Control of Bulk Tank Milk (cooperation with research at Volcani)
    Gil Katz
    Afimilk, Israel


Agroinnovation Fund & Concluding Remarks 
Ido Schechter, Yissum Fund, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


Opening Cocktail Party  |  Exhibition Hall