It is our pleasure to welcome you to The 2nd Immuno-oncological Meeting of the Israel Immunological Society (IIS) with the Rappaport Technion Integrated Cancer Center (RTICC), which will be held on February 22-24, 2022 in Haifa. 
The scientific spectrum will cover a wide collection of topics in contemporary computational and experimental immunology and cancer research ranging from basic principles to translational breakthroughs. Together with our colleagues in the organizing committee we assembled an excellent list of world-class speakers that will discuss key areas in innate and acquired immunity, immune-oncology and clinical cancer therapy. Special sessions will focus on research hot spots including lymphocyte receptor repertoires and dynamics, activation and exhaustion, viral infections, Immunometabolism and the microbiome, check point inhibition, cancer therapy, inflammation and immunity, cancer at the single-cell level and tumor microenvironment in immune-oncology, featuring both basic and translational investigators.
The conference format is designed to bring together basic, translational and clinical researchers, as well as researchers working on the development of new targeted therapeutics. Leading experts will present the latest achievements of multidisciplinary research dealing with drug action and resistance and highlight challenges that require a concerted multidisciplinary effort. The program will comprise Keynote Lectures, Plenary Symposia and parallel Scientific Symposia, and will include many slots for selected talks and poster presentations with ample time for questions and discussion.
We are happy to let you know that this meeting will be covered and promoted by Frontiers in Immunology. The journal will dedicate a special issue of its Research Topics to the IIS meeting and all researchers that will submit an abstract to this meeting will be eligible to submit a manuscript of their choice to this issue.
We trust you will share our excitement about the exceptional scientific content and venue. We cordially invite you to this unique conference and look forward to greeting you in Haifa.
Please see this as a personal invitation to join the immunology and cancer communities in celebrating the achievements of immunologists, cancer researchers and oncologists.
Prof. Amiram Ariel                       Prof. Yuval Shaked
President of the IIS                     Head of the RTICC