Tuesday, April 9

Caesarea and Zichron Yakov

This afternoon’s tour will take us north up the Mediterranean coast to Caesarea where we will visit the restored ruins of the ancient port city, a UNESCO heritage site. We’ll learn why and how King Herod constructed the port, tour the Roman Theater, King Herod’s private palace and swimming pool, the Hippodrome where chariot races were held, the Roman Baths, and learn about the daily life of the people who lived there. We will visit the Roman port where St. Peter and St. Paul left for Rome (see the actual steps) and view the ruins of the Byzantine and Crusader churches, the Crusader Gate and the aqueduct.

We’ll drive on to Zichron Yakov, a charming, early Jewish pioneer town (1882) on Mt. Carmel, with sweeping views of the coastal plain. We'll hear the story and have dinner there.

Thursday, April 11

Tel Aviv and Jaffa

We will tour some of the historical and focal points of this bustling, modern city – the cultural, social and financial heart of Israel. The tour will include visits to sites connected with the founding of the State, and some picturesque quarters. We’ll proceed to the more than 3,000 years old town and port of Jaffa, and end with dinner in Tel Aviv.  

Friday, April 12


Jerusalem needs no introduction… Our tour will include selected sites in West Jerusalem and in the Old City. We'll have dinner on our way back to Herzliya.