In recognition of the critical link between genome stability and the integrity of the nervous system, an international group of scientists began in 2006 to organize a series of meetings entitled ‘Genome Dynamics in Neuroscience’ (GDN). The accumulating evidence of the impact of genome instability on human health led to the decision to expand the scope of these workshops and launch a new series entitled “Genome Dynamics in Neuroscience and Aging’ (GDNA). GDNA1 is the first of these workshops. Its unique interdisciplinary format will focus again on the genome instability-neurodegeneration link, but will expand into broader aspects of human health and lifespan affected by genome instability. Such gatherings of PIs, fellows and students from these fields are critical for forming the collaborations that will guide genome stability research in the coming years. Without such collaborations it will be difficult to understand the profound impact of maintenance (and loss) of genome stability on individual and public human health. 

GDNA1 is being structured to promote networking. The entire Workshop is planned as plenary sessions and all participants will be exposed to all talks. Posters will be displayed throughout the Workshop and two 2-hr sessions will provide ample time for viewing and discussions with presenters. The poster room will be located adjacent to the main lecture hall and will be accessible at all times. The public areas surrounding the lecture hall and the beach at the foot of the Dan Accadia hotel provide superb venues for one-on-one and small group meetings.