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Invited Plenary Lecturers and General Topics of Their Presentations

The invited plenary lecturers and the general topic of their presentations are listed below. The specific topic will be updated later.

The Paul Vieille Lecture will be presented at the opening session on Monday morning (July 20, 2015) and the Irvine Israel Glass Lecture will be presented in the closing session on Friday (July 24, 2015).

  1. Beric Skews (Paul Vieille Lecture) - Shock Wave Reflection/Interaction with Obstacles
  2. Achim Loske - Medical Applications of Shock Waves
  3. Ron Hanson - Chemical Kinetics and Chemical Reacting Flows
  4. Riccardo Bonaza - Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability
  5. Abdellah Hadjadj - Tackling Shock Waves with Supercomputers
  6. KPJ Reddy - Commercial Aspects of Shock Waves
  7. Martin Brouillette - Shock-Induced Combustion
  8. Kazuo Maeno - Time-Developing 3D-CT Measurement of Shock Waves and Supersonic Density Flow Field
  9. Charles Needham (Irvine Israel Glass Lecture) - Dispelling misconceptions about blast waves