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Papers Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline is Over

For late abstracts submissions please contact


Instructions for the preparation and submission of papers

  1. Papers must be submitted using the THIS FORMAT to or LaTex format.
  2. The LaTeX template is available for download here:
  3. All papersmust be submitted in English.
  4. Papers must contain no more than 6 pages (size A4) for a regular paper and 8 pages (size A4) for a plenary paper.
  5. The paper is to be written in Word or LaTeX, Times New Roman font 12, single-spaced, fully justified. Margins: 2.5cm on all sides of the page. 
  6. The title should be Times New Roman font 16, centered. Each word of the title must begin with a capital letter, except transition words (see in the sample above). 
  7. Figures, diagrams, frames and tables are allowed.
  8. The names and affiliations of ALL authors should be included in the paper.
  9. Authors should avoid using colors in their figures. However, they can use colors in their figures only if it helps to illustrate a concept.In any case, the number of colored figures is limited, in each paper, to 1/3 of the total number of the figures in the paper.
  10. ISSW30 Proceedings will be published by Springer in 2 volumes, hard cover.
  11. ISSW30 Proceedings can be purchased through the on-line registration for US$ 100




Instructions for the preparation of posters

Poster Set-Up Information

Posters should be legible from a distance of 1-2 meters. The recommended size of a poster should be 90 cm wide X 150 cm high (Portrait).

We recommend that authors bring with them copies of a printed summary of their paper for distribution among interested participants.

Mounting Material

Posters mounting material, pins, will be provided by the Secretariat.

Poster presenters are requested to stand by their posters at the designated date and time.