Young Professionals in Space

Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 14:20-16:10, Hall I

Cahir: Aleksey Dyskin, IEEE Young Professional, Israel

Session Moderator: Quenton Bonds, NASA GSFC, USA​

Space-Quality Digital Electronics for Communication Satellites

Prof. Ran Ginosar. CEO, Ramon Chips.

Ran Ginosar is professor of Electrical Engineering and Head of the VLSI Systems Research Center at the Technion, Israel. His research interests include high performance and low power computing and on many core architectures. He is also CEO of Ramon Chips, Israel, focusing on radiation-hardened, resilient, high-performance computing in space.

SpaceIL Journey to the Moon

Yigal Harel, VP, Head of SpaceIL Spacecraft Program, SpaceIL

Mr. Harel has gained over 20 years of professional experience in technology leadership positions in the Israeli defense industry and has spearheaded complex cutting-edge technological programs. Team of one such program, led by Mr. Harel, won Israel’s prestigious Defense Prize for its exclusive contribution to the security of the State of Israel. Mr. Harel has worked with world’s leading cooperates (Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, MBDA, SAAB, etc.), thus bringing with him a broad global understanding and multidisciplinary ovkaletew of technological systems, processes and lifecycles.  With an Aerospace Engineering degree from Israel Institute of Technology, Mr. Harel is also the co-founder of SenStation Technologies Ltd. 

Israel in Space (almost) 3 Decades

Daniel Barok, Consultant for International Collaborations and Business Development

Daniel is deeply involved in the Israeli Space Sector in detailed familiarity with advanced technologies as well as Startup incubators, Venture Capitals, Academic Institutions, BI-National R&D funds etc

During 2012- 2017 Daniel served as an Adviser for International Collaborations in the Israel Space Agency (ISA). Prior to joining ISA (2006-2012), Daniel served in the Israeli Space Industry as Director for International Marketing and Business Development (ImageSat International and later, in ELBIT Systems – Electro-Optics- ELOP) as well as a consultant for Israeli Space related companies with emphasis on new-space startups: Business Development, Business Planning & Sales Strategy

Daniel served 25 years (1980 -2005) in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and among his duties commanded an Imagery Analysis Squadron. In his last position (2000-2005) Daniel was responsible for the establishment and implementation of the operational capabilities of the National Space Assets as well as Commercial Remote Sensing systems. In this position, Daniel leaded the technological unit of the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency and its dedicated R&D teams

Daniel holds MBA and B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, both from Ben Gurion University (BGU).