COMCAS 2013 Final Manuscript Submission

Your paper has been accepted and you have been asked to submit your final manuscript. This overview of the process will guide you quickly through the steps for a successful final submission; however, we still encourage you to read the entire Final Submission Author Instructions for additional clarification. Just click on the active links to get to the documentation you need. These instructions apply only to COMCAS2013.

The deadline for final submissions is 5 August 2013 in PDF format ONLY! Your final submission must be IEEE-Xplore compatible or it will not be published.

1.    You must resubmit your manuscript, even if no changes have been made to the initial submission. It is preferred that the final submission follow the COMCAS2013 manuscript template (see either the 8.5 x 11” or 297 x 210mm A4 document). Please remove all page numbers from your manuscript. There is a 1-Megabyte file size limit on all submittals. Be sure to include all author names and affiliations in the manuscript.

2.    The Proceedings of COMCAS2013 will be published on IEEE-Xplore® and we therefore require that your manuscript be IEEE-Xplore compatible. You should use IEEE PDF-eXpress to convert your document into a compatible PDF file or to check that your file is compatible. Go to, register as a user and enter comcas2013x as the Conference ID. If you have any difficulties, please refer to the Author Instructions for step-by-step instructions. Carefully proofread the converted file for any formatting errors.

3.    When you have satisfactorily converted your manuscript to an IEEE Xplore compliant PDF, go to the final manuscript submission web site and follow the step-by-step procedures provided. You will need to use the registration key from your initial manuscript submission (the key may also be found in your paper acceptance e-mail). 

4.    Copyright transfer is required at this stage of the submission process. Copyright assignment can only be carried out electronically. During the submission of your final manuscript, you will be taken automatically to the IEEE electronic copyright form web site. Your final manuscript submission will not be complete and your paper cannot be published without the electronic copyright submission. The copyright process must be completed by the 5 August 2013 deadline.

5.    All submitted papers must not exceed 5 pages in length and must be less than 1MB. Papers exceeding 1MB will not be accepted by TPMS and therefore not included in the digest nor IEEE-Xplore.

Additional information regarding updated session time and venue may be found at this web site.

Acceptance of your paper is conditional upon your refraining from publishing essentially the same content prior to your presentation, including prepublication in trade journals and other periodicals. 

We look forward to seeing you in Tel Aviv for COMCAS2013.

Steve Weinstein
Technical Program Chair, COMCAS2013 Technical Program Committee

Ben Epstein,
Publications Chair, COMCAS2013

Shmuel Auster,
Conference Chair, COMCAS2013