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19:00 Get an inside peek into the Tel Aviv vibe with our night tour of the Nonstop City. Come stroll through one of Tel Aviv's most happening spots, Rothschild Boulevard - the beating heart of Tel Aviv's cultural, nightlife and business scene.
Go behind the scenes of Tel Aviv's legendary nightlife world and discover the city through stories and landmarks. Experience its lively streets and the vibrant atmosphere of bars, clubs, restaurants and coffee shops that come to life at night.
A must-do tour for anyone who wants to feel the real Tel Aviv.

22:30  Return to hotel.  




Departure from Tel Aviv hotel

Begin your visit in Jerusalem at the Mount of Olives – the best place to start your Jerusalem experience, with its panoramic view of the Old City, its ancient Jewish cemetery and historic churches.

Visit Mahane Yehuda Market, which will introduce you to the market flavors and scents. 

Visit the Christian Quarter, which sprung up over the centuries around the historic ancient Church of the Holy Sepulcher; where the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian and Syrian orthodox orders all maintain their own sections and can identified by their distinctive dress and liturgy.

Continue to the rebuilt Jewish Quarter including the old Sephardic Synagogue, the Cardo which was the main street of Byzantine Christian Jerusalem, the Broad Wall, the Herodias Mansions and more.

Towards evening, head down to the Western Wall, a special time of the day to visit Judaism’s most sacred site revered as the last remnant of the Second Temple. 

Free time for shopping and dinner at Mamilla Mall.




20:30 Return to Tel Aviv.  




Departure from Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva.

Depart to Massada and ascend by cable car to the top of the mountain to marvel at King Herod’s desert fortress-palace and last stronghold of the Jewish zealots against Roman domination in 73 CE.

Masada became a famous landmark after the first Jewish-Roman war when a siege of the fortress by troops of the Roman Empire led to a mass suicide of the site's Jewish Sicarii fugitives when defeat became imminent.

Floating and pampering afternoon at Premier Dead Sea resort.

Enjoy the mineral healthy waters and pools and take a curative mud bath followed by dinner on the beach.

Masada2_Air_Itamar Grinberg


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20:00 Return to Tel Aviv.