The International Meeting on: Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Condensed Matter

Scope of the Meeting

Achieving a detailed microscopic understanding of the non-equilibrium dynamics of matter is among the grand challenges of modern science. On the experimental side, pump-probe spectroscopies of various kinds provide real-time information on atto-second to pico-second time scales of a huge variety of phenomena, such as laser-induced phase transitions, energy conversion mechanisms, the formation and migration of excitons followed by charge recombination and photoluminescence, the process of vision and many others. A complete understanding of the microscopic mechanisms requires an intense exchange of knowledge between theory and experiment, but also between different experimental communities as well as different theoretical approaches. This includes experiments dealing, e.g. with particle impact versus laser-induced processes or with finite versus extended systems and on the theory side covers ab initio approaches based on reduced quantities, such as real-time TDDFT and nonequilibrium Green's function methods as well as approaches like TD-DMRG and TD-DMFT, dealing with strongly correlated systems. This meeting will gather world-leading experts in theory and experiment to enable a cross-fertilization advancing the current state of the art.