10th Symposium of the International Society of Root Research (ISRR10) will be held on 8-12 July, 2018.

The Symposium will promote fundamental understanding of the diverse aspects of root biology. The symposium, titled: “Exposing the Hidden Half - Root Research at the Forefront of Science”, will assemble multiple disciplines in order to facilitate exploration of novel approaches and investigation of complex processes and mechanisms. The intersections of root physiology, root development, root architecture and root interactions with the environment will be tackled by researchers from around the globe through talks, poster sessions and discussions. Basic research at multiple scales (proteins, cells, tissues and the root system as a whole) and cutting-edge methodologies will be highlighted as important means to advance agriculture. Graduate students, young researchers and senior scientists will find the conference setting in the scenic Jerusalem hills conducive for both formal and informal interactions promoting a rich exchange of ideas and knowledge and opportunity for fostering collaborations.

On behalf of the ISRR Executive and the Organizing Committee of ISRR10, we are pleased to announce the award of the ISRR Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018 to Professor Hans Lambers. Hans has made many significant contributions in his career to understanding how roots grow and function, and his selfless editorship of Plant and Soil has enabled many root researchers to publish their findings for a wider audience. Many congratulations, Hans.

Peter Gregory, President  ISRR
Jhonathan Ephrath, Chair, ISRR10

Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation

סדנת מחקר של הקרן הלאומית למדע


The workshop will be carried out within the 10th international society of root research,
Exposing the Hidden Half at Yearim hotel, Sakoya lecture hall


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