The Creation of New States and Collapse of Old Empires in the XXth Century

The XLIV ICMH Congress will be hosted by the Israeli Commission in Jerusalem from Sunday 2nd until Friday 7th of September 2018. The central theme of the Congress is ‘The creation of New States and the collapse of Old Empires in the XXth century’. The year 2018 coincides with two important events: the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel and the end of the WWI Centenary. This double anniversary offers a good opportunity to discuss both the end of WWI and the large number of new states which have been created afterwards as also the birth of new states in the context of wars of liberation and independence.

The Congress will take place in the Ye’arim Hotel which is situated near Jerusalem on one of the highest peaks fully immersed in nature’s charm. For the PhD candidates a special PhD-Workshop will be elaborated in cooperation with the Education Commission. Especially for these young historians, convenient accommodation opportunities at lower prices will be provided.

All registration has to be done on the dedicated website. Those who would like to present a paper must keep in mind that the deadline for the submission of the abstract is now May 31st 2018. The conference languages are Hebrew, English and French.

Besides the academic program, the Israeli Commission also proposes an attractive social program, which includes visits to the Old Jaffa, the Palmach Museum in Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, Caesarea, the Latrun AFV Museum, Haifa, Acre, …

For those who want to discover more of Israel, there is the Pre-Congress Cultural Tour which starts on 28 August and takes until 2nd September. The proposed itinerary is mainly concentrated around the historical and scenic Galilee Region with the Bahai Gardens-Haifa, Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, Mary’s Well Nazareth, the Kibutz Ramat Yochanan. On September 7th, participants will return to their respective countries from Ben-Gurion International Airport.

Personal visa can be issued by the Israeli Commission upon request for delegates from countries without diplomatic relations with Israel.

See you in Israel in 2018!

Benny Michelson