The role of the Union of Local Authorities in Israel is to represent the shared interests of all the Local Authorities in the State of Israel and their officials before the Knesset, the National Government and its Ministries, organizations and institutions.

In addition to this, the ULAI helps in furthering municipal activity and gives ongoing advice and help to Local Authorities in relation to providing services. It advises Local Authorities in municipal matters including education, welfare, economy, water, security, women's’ issues, labour relations and the law. It maintains contacts with Local Government organizations abroad and encourages partnerships with Sister Cities.

ULAI is a non-profit organization where membership is voluntary. The income, whether from membership fees paid by the Authorities or from partnerships in economic and other companies, is used to cover the Union’s expenses and activities in accordance with its statutes. The ULAI represents 61 Israeli cities and towns and 150 Local Councils.

History of ULAI
The Union of Local Authorities in Israel (ULAI) was established in 1938 under the name “The League of Local Councils”. In 1953, the three largest cities - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Yafo and Haifa joined the organization and the name was changed to ULAI.

Structure of ULAI
The General Assembly of ULAI comprises all the Mayors in Israel who automatically become

Members of the Union as soon as they are elected.

The Chairman of ULAI is Adi Eldar, Mayor of Karmiel.

The Chairman has 17 deputies representing the variety within the Local Government.

The Union’s short and long-term policies are determined by the Chairman and the elected Executive Board. The implementation and supervision of these policies is the responsibility of the Union’s Director General.

Main Activities of ULAI

  1. To serve as the Representative Organization for the Local Authorities, Municipalities, Local Councils and City Associations in their relations with the Knesset, the Government and its Ministries, institutions and other public organizations in Local Government matters.
  2. To represent all the Local Authorities in negotiations with the Histadrut (General Federation of Trade Unions) and other bodies on matters related to working conditions and the signing of collective agreements for the employees of Local Authorities.
  3. To clarify and formulate ways of furthering municipal activity.
  4. To handle consolidation of purchases of heavy and standard equipment for the Local Authorities via the Local Government Economic Services Ltd.
  5. To provide automation and computer processing services to all the Local Authorities via the Israel Local Authorities Data Processing Center Ltd.
  6. To provide various financial services, including the transfer of Government funds and credit for different time periods via the Bank of Local Authorities Ltd.
  7. To provide training program and seminars for employees of Local Authorities.
  8. To maintain and nurture contacts with Sister Cities and Local Government Organizations abroad.
  9. To advise the Local Authorities regarding the entire range of municipal matters including education, welfare, economy, water, security, status of women, labor relations, law and the courts, etc.