On the hotel premises, participants will enjoy the Conference Computer Room, Resource Room, and Vendor (Exhibition) Room.
The Israel Genealogical Society is proud to unveil an up-to-date list of the main Archives and Resources in Israel where genealogical material can be found. This list is still being finalized.
Among the databases which institutions agreed to make available to the Conference:
  • The Collection of Family Trees from Beit Hatfutzot (The Diaspora Museum) in Tel-Aviv
  • Clandestine Immigration Records from The Museum of Illegal Immigration in Atlit
Yad Vashem, repository of the world's largest documentation on the Shoah, has arranged for Conference attendees to research their archives. Among others:
  • The Pages of Testimony Database from the Hall of Names, with some three million records
  • The Arolsen Master Index, from the International Red Cross, with some fourteen million records
The major Jerusalem burial societies (Hevrot Kadisha) are prepared to help you access their records simply and rapidly.
The Central Zionist Archives will provide some of the services formerly undertaken by the now defunct Jewish Agency’s Search Bureau for Missing Relatives.
IGS volunteers have compiled a number of data repositories and novel databases that will be distributed in a special Genealogy CD to the participants. This CD will include the following: