Symposium Committees

Advisory Committee   Executive Committee

Program Chair

Prof. Herve Le Louet EU

President, CIOMS*, Past President  ISOP, Representative of EU Commission in PRAC


Program Co- Chairs

Prof. Mati Berkovitch, IL

Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Hospital Assaf Harofe, MOH Safety Advisor


Dr. Rina Irene Fermont

ISOP Israel Chairman, IFC


Committee Members

Peter Pitts, USA

President, Center for Medicine in Public Interest, past FDA Associate-Commissioner


Prof. Nick Sevdalis, UK

Kings College London, Centre for Implementation Science’


Dr. Mike Cohen, USA

Founder & Director of ISMP, Institute for Safe Medication Practices


Prof. Ronald Litman, USA

Medical Director at ISMP, Pediatric Anaesthesiology at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 


Dr. Ilan Matok, IL

School of Pharmacy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Brian Edwards, UK

ISOP Board of Directors, NDA

Priya Bahri, UK

ISOP Risk Communication group Coordinator, EMA Pharmacovigilance


Committee Chair

Dr. Rina Irene Fermont

ISOP Israel Chairman, IFC Founder


Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Ayala Livneh, IL

ISOP Israel Secretary, Ministry of Health, Reference Laboratory


Committee Members

Dr. Alina Amitai, IL

President PSI Pharmaceutical Society of Israel

Yehudit Wexler, IL

ISOP ISRAEL Audit Committee, CEO Bioforum

Dr. Ophir Lavon, IL

ISOP ISRAEL Steering Committee, Head Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Carmel Hospital, Haifa

Dr. Gil Mileikowsky, IL

ISOP ISRAEL Steering Committee, President Alliance for Patients Safety

Dr. Hesh Hershman, IL

ISOP ISRAEL Treasurer, Forensic medicine

Dr Limor Epstein, IL

CEO Founder Data2Life

Pascal Grin, IL

ISOP ISRAEL Audit Committee, Past CFO Bayer

Dr Guila Lion, IL

Pharmacist, Hospital Mayanei Hayoshua, Bne Braq

Dr Vardit Kalamaro, IL

ISOP ISRAEL Steering Committee, Clinical Pharmacist  Founder Dr Pharma

Dr Aviva Elad, IL

Founder of the Civil Path to Cure Medicine, General Practitioner

* CIOMS: WHO Council of International Organizations of Medical Sciences (World Health Organization), designing guidelines and standards, basis of all the regulations worldwide