The Israeli Hi-Tech Industry has, in recent years, experienced unprecedented growth and development by any standard with over 10 billion dollars in sales predicted for 1999, out of which 8 billion will be derived from exports. 

It is for this reason that "Electronica '99", Israel's Biannual Exhibition of Industrial Electronics, held in March '99, was the biggest and most impressive of all previous "Electronica" exhibitions, with over 200 exhibitors and approximately 12,000 visitors.

Many exhibitors in "Electronica '99", for the reason mentioned, believe that the process of development within the industry demands periodical 'updates'.

Therefore, the organizers of the biannual "Electronica" have decided on a "follow-up" exhibition to be held on March 15-16, 2000 named "Electronica-update", taking place exactly one year after "Electronica '99" and one year before "Electronica '01" (13-15 March, 2001).