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After breakfast, departure for the

Dead Sea

- the lowest point on Earth.

We will start the day at


, where we will ascend by cable car to the top of the mountain to

marvel at

King Herod’s desert palace

fort and last stronghold of the Jewish zealots against Roman

domination in 73 CE.

Lunch at a restaurant on the way

From Masada, we’ll take a 4X4 Jeep tour to the lower Judean desert and visit

Nahal Sodom,

Har Sodom


Nahal Pratzim

, and thence by road to

Nahal Himar

were we will enjoy the stunning

panorama from the desert plateau and see one of the largest canyons of the

Judean desert


We then arrive to

Ein Bokek

, have lunch at one of the Dead Sea hotels, followed by a relaxing float

on the

Dead Sea

with access to the hotel swimming pool.

Evening in

Metzoke Dragot

, an authentic desert guest village with a breathtaking view of the Dead Sea.

Dinner in one of the desert tents

Metzoke Dragot

can provide a wide selection of after-dining entertainment for your guests, such

as 30-minute performances by the most highly-skilled b

elly dancers

, interactive music workshops


drum circles

and world rhythms,


and group singing with a wide screen and projector,



that will rock and party the house down - all providing a fascinating world music


Overnight in the Dead Sea