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      For the first time, the Tourism Ministry offers a safety net for international conferences in Israel, in the event of cancellation due to geo-political events!>>

      The Tourism Ministry has established a fund that will offer assistance to international conferences taking place in Israel. The fund, with an initial budget of NIS 15 million, will reimburse conference organizers their marketing and advertising costs (about 20% of conference costs with the potential of reaching tens of thousands of dollars), in the event that the conference is canceled for unexpected reasons.

      Conference tourism is essential for Israel's economy - it is one of the most profitable sectors and significantly influences Israel's image overseas. The niche is characterized by long-term planning by the companies involved. The absence of a safety net and guarantees by government bodies represents a significant obstacle to conference tourism in Israel, given the great financial investment required. The Tourism Ministry believes that this directive will reduce the concerns of conference organizers regarding a loss of their investment in the event of security incidents etc.

      Tourism Minister Yariv Levin: "An essential element in encouraging incoming tourism in general and conferences in Israel in particular, is granting a safety net to organizations in the event that a conference is postponed or canceled as a result of the security situation. This is part of a package of steps that I intend to lead in order to create confidence and increased business confidence for all operators in the industry."

      Tourism Ministry Director-General Amir Halevi: "Conference tourism is a developing market which is valued at about $12 billion. Millions of people participate in about 12,000 international conferences a year, representing enormous potential. We believe that creating a safety net will help put Israel back on the international conference map. The combination of popular tourist sites and the holy sites with the leaders in academia, and technological and agricultural development makes Israel an attractive conference destination."