Ortra Incoming

    Incentive Tours

    We will be happy to arrange the perfect Incentive tour for your agents, sales staff or top performing employees – taking into consideration the groups style, average age, desired level of activity and budget, we will organize a package that can include anything from bike rides and segway through vibrant Tel Aviv or historic Jerusalem, 4X4 driving in the desert, and wine tastings in the Galilee, to a visit with the Bedouins, party by the beach or cruise on the Red Sea in Eilat.

    Whatever your business, we will create an incentive that will motivate your staff for the year ahead.

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    Professional Tours

    Ortra’s professional tours combine meetings with colleagues and industry leaders, together with tours of the country, nights out, shopping, adventure and relaxation. Our vast experience organizing such events includes official tours for various municipalities visiting sister cities, Agriculture professionals in Israel to learn, medical professionals sharing experiences and footballers wishing to combine work and relaxation.

    Ortra’s Professional Tours are the perfect combination of business and leisure.

    Special Interest Tours

    These are especially fun to plan and organize as we know exactly what our group likes and wants and we can go wild planning around a specific theme. Some of our successful Special Interest tours have included: Archaeology Tours in Israel and Petra, Wine & Cheese Tours, Sports – including land and water sports, Desert experience, and Opera tours that culminate in a breathtaking Opera performed atop historical Masada.

    Pilgrim Tours

    This unique area requires a special understanding of the various religious groups interested in touring the Holy Land. At Ortra we have prepared special programs and tours to suite Catholics, Protestants and Evangelists – all tours include locations for Mass (where required) as well as specialist guides.

    Our pilgrim tours can include, but are not limited to, various archeological and historical sites from the time of Jesus, including: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Via Dolorosa, the Temple Mount, Bethlehem, the Church of the Nativity, the Dead Sea, Caesarea, Megiddo, Nazareth, The Sea of Galilee and many others.

    Jewish Tours

    Our Jewish tours can be tailored to suite community groups visiting Israel for the first time or family groups celebrating a special occasion.

    Let us create a program that puts a different spin on sightseeing, from bike rides and segway tours through vibrant Tel Aviv or historic Jerusalem, to 4X4 driving in the desert, we will make sure your vacation includes something for everyone - tours of the country, nights out, shopping, adventure and relaxation.

    As for your big event, we have experience organizing a night with the Bedouins, a party by the beach, a cruise on the Red Sea, a Bar Mizva on top of Masada, a training session with the IDF, a huppa at an archeological site near the Kotel and so many others – the possibilities are endless.

    Whatever the occasion, Wedding Bar/Bat Mizvah or simply a family or group holiday, with Israel as a backdrop your special occasion is guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime experience! 

    Private Tours

    If you’re a person or family who knows what they want, how they want and where they want to go – our private tours are perfect for you! Let us take care of the bigger details – flights and accommodation and then, and most importantly, we will book you a tour guide that will listen, understand your needs and help you decide where to go and what to see. Someone who will be with you for the duration of your stay, picking you up, dropping you off and taking care of your every need – while creating a route that’s flexible enough to suite your style and mood.

    Photos by: The Israeli Ministry of Tourism - www.goisrael.com