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EL 2013 Congress - A Successful Bet

Roughly 600 participants from 50 countries, 70 Lottery Organizations out of 80 that exist in the world, and not even 1 cancelation. This is the summary, in numbers, of the successful International 7TH European Lotteries Congress. A week of fascinating lectures, a fabulous tradeshow and exciting evening events - some of them never seen in Israel. There is no doubt - Israel now has 600 additional ambassadors worldwide.

EL 2013 - the 7TH European Lotteries Congress was held in Israel for the first time, hosted by Mifal Hapais - Israel National Lottery and Toto - the Israel Sports Betting Board. The congress was held on the first week of June, at the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel.
The planning and production of the 2013 congress began 3 years earlier and included marketing and promoting of the event and destination, selling exhibition space of the International tradeshow, handling complex logistical arrangements, implementing the most advanced technologies available to the conferences & events industry and creating powerful, thrilling evening events in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  This could not have happened without ORTRA`s professional and skilled staff and personal involvement as well as supervision of the company`s senior management, during all stages of production.

The organization of EL 2013 presented the team with several challenges such as selling floor space to potential exhibitors' worldwide, handling customs and shipment of lottery machines, gambling devices, computers and software, under strict procedures and tight schedules. Regarding logistics & space planning, for the first time in the history of the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel, a plenary hall was built by ORTRA in the terrace of the hotel`s ballroom. The hall that was named Grand Ballroom D was built from scratch during 4 days. It was designed to look like an integral part of the conference center and included air conditioning and passageways. A large LED screen was installed in the plenary in order to enable high quality projection despite some daylight.

The congress included lectures by leading international experts, as well as various panels in which regulation, innovation and the social media were deliberated. Another important part of the congress was the Young Lions Session, in which new ideas for legal gambling for young people were discussed. 
An advertising competition is also an important part of every EL congress. The competition had 4 categories and commercials were submitted for initial scoring prior to the congress. 17 finalists were featured this year and voting was done onsite during a special session, using online devices. The winning commercial was "Football Wife" by the Norwegian lottery.
A significant part of the congress was the professional tradeshow that featured 27 exhibitors from overseas and spanned over the entire Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel.  Some of the booths arrived directly from abroad and the so-called standard section of the exhibition was constructed using unique, innovative design, based on high standard specifications.

The festive opening event took place in HaBonim Garden Jerusalem, located at the foot of the Old City`s walls. After a rich welcome cocktail, accompanied by harp and flute musicians, the main event began with breathtaking Video Mapping on the walls of the old city. After dinner guests enjoyed an exciting stage show including Voca People Group, Tararam Drummers Group and a touching finale - a lead singer with a choir of 50 children, performing "Let it Be" while fireworks illuminated the sky…

Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv Port, hosted the closing event of the congress.
The concept of the evening was "Summer Night's Dream" and it began with a cocktail reception in the front part of the hall, while keeping the main part, which was fabulously decorated according to the concept, hidden from the guests, till it was time to have dinner and enjoy the show. The evening opened dramatically with 4 female violinists and continued after dinner with stimulating performances by some of Israel`s leading singers and bands - Red Band, Shlomi Saranga and Marina Maximilian Blumin, followed by a dance party into the night…