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5 Important Emphases When Choosing a Venue for a Company Event

1. Accessibility- The venue should be accessible, with convenient access roads that are close to traffic arteries and do not require field driving.  The location should also be accessible by public transportation and accessible to participants with disabilities.
2. Parking –The parking area should be close enough to the venue and the way from it to the venue, should be free of any obstacles.
3. Preferred Day - The preferred day for holding company events is usually Monday and / or Tuesday. In the beginning of the week (Sunday) people have a lot to deal with and during the weekend they prefer to attend social events rather than work related ones.
4. Flexible Capacity - When organizing events it is possible to achieve a high level of readiness. However in most cases, one has to deal with unexpected situations such as the arrival of more participants than expected. This can disrupt a meal (insufficient food & beverage, insufficient sitting places), a lecture (insufficient sitting places, too noisy, too crowded) as well as other activities during the event. That is why it is extremely important to prepare in advance for an "overflow". In case the opposite scenario happens (having fewer participants than anticipated), there is no fear of disturbing activities; however the feeling of those who did arrive is highly important. Vacant sits and spare spaces should be removed / hidden in order to prevent the perception that the event is a failure.
5. Parallel Events – Imagine holding the company’s annual event on the day of the football finals, thus leaving everybody "sick" at home…  In order to avoid a situation in which the event is in the final stages of organizing and the invitees "are not able to attend", it is important to make sure there is nothing else that day, which might steal the spotlight.

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