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We Are What We Look Like – Basic Points for Designing a Business Event

A business event is a short-term event that lasts 2-3 hours and contains a fairly compacted variety of activities: social get-together, food & beverage, speeches, dancing, etc.
Guests pass from one activity to the other in a short period of time, during which we try to make them experience different sensations that are connected to their senses:  taste, smell, sight and sound. 
A correct dosage along with an accurate use of messages and sensations will influence the state of mind of the guests and their general impression of the event. It is therefore important to use the event as a platform for delivering as much information as possible, while being careful not to overdo it.

The objective is not to turn the event into an aggressive marketing event, thus, in the early stages of production it is important to accurately identify and define the goals of the event.  If the aim of the event is to launch a new product, the product should be placed in the center of the event and all other activities will revolve around it.  If the goal of the event is to enhance customer relations or present a "show of strength", the focus should be on the general ambiance with the purpose of charming and making a strong impression.
Always bear in mind that what guests have experienced in the event, will be part of their daily professional and social lives.

Things to take into account when designing a business event:

  • Venue: indoor / outdoor or a combination of the two
  • No. of participants: crowded – touching, spacious - distant
  • Weather:  temperature, humidity, winds
  • Type of participants: young people who prefer loud music and dancing, or older ones who need a quiet place to sit and talk
  • Ambiance: warm and embracing, impressive and outgoing, or elegant and inviting
  • Integration between suppliers: lighting significantly enhances the design effect, the food & beverage menu and its presentation are part of the general design and the artistic part of the event should be selected according to the style of the event.
  • Space design: type and quantity of sitting places, allocation of space for various activities
  • Assimilating the events` messages: by using materials, colors, sensations and general atmosphere
  • Typical elements: implementing logos and branding in the signage, banners, giveaways, collateral and general atmosphere design


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