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Combining the Virtual World with the Conferences World - in One Scan

Nowadays, when almost everyone owns at least one smartphone, it`s possible and recommended to use these devices effectively and efficiently, for the purpose of providing information and for promoting marketing content during conferences and events.
The transition from the print world to the virtual-internet world has never been faster.

The Quick Response Code, or in short- QR Code, is in fact a barcode that stores encoded textual information in a graphic-visual format. The technology was developed in 1994 by a subsidiary of Toyota, with the purpose of locating vehicles on the production line.
This technology is shaping up to be the quickest technique for allowing access to information available on the internet, without having to use computers or smartphone browsers.

Using a  QR Code is simple – just aim your smartphone to the code and scan it with a software that decodes the code and pulls out the content from the internet. The software is available for download free of charge, in the App Store or Play Store.
Using this technology in conferences and exhibitions unfolds numerous options for communicating with participants and enables a more convenient experience for the participants.  The QR Code can be branded with the colors of the company or conference logo, making it part of the branding and general design.

This technology was recently used by ORTRA, during the 5th Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Conference. 1,500 participants took part in this leading conference that is the largest of its kind in Israel and one of the most prominent conferences in the global scene of renewable energy. The conference was held in a number of hotels simultaneously and the use of a QR Code allowed us as organizers, to communicate with the conference participants in real time, as well as to assist in the promotion of our clients during the conference.
A QR Code with a link to the derailed conference program was printed on the conference signage and the participants' name tags contained a pocket program with a QR Code linked to the detailed program.

The significant advantage of using a QR Code is its small size that takes very little space on any printed material and yet allows us to quickly pull out a lot of data. For instance, by scanning this small code we can expose the participant to a wide range of papers relating to the conference theme. The code can also be added to printed invitations with a link to the conference registration site, thus enabling the invitees to register quickly and easily from anywhere around the world, without having to type the URL of the registration website.
The code can also be printed on the conference books / catalogues that are distributed to the participants. It can be linked to the conference website, a promotional video clip on YouTube, a feedback form, or countless other options.
The QR Code can be an additional marketing tool for exhibitors. A unique code can be prepared for each exhibitor, allowing visitors to scan and receive marketing information or even a discount coupon for purchasing a product or service. The code can also be printed on the exhibitor`s giveaways, with a link to the company's Facebook page, thus maintaining communication with existing or potential customers.

The use of this wonderful tool seems to be unlimited and depends solely on one thing- your creativity. ORTRA`s team will keep updating regarding new technologies and will continue to assist you, our clients, in marketing and advancing your organizations towards future successes.


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