The Bat Sheva De Rothschild Seminar on Topology Meets Disorder and Interactions

Celebrating Yigal Meir's 60th Birthday


In recent years topology has been playing an increasingly central role in condensed matter physics. Major scientific advances include the theoretical prediction and experimental identification of topological insulators in two and three dimensions, of Weyl semi-metals and of topological superconductors in semiconductor-superconductor structures and in lattices of magnetic impurities. The beautiful theoretical results are now facing real world situations in complex materials. Understanding the role of disorder and interactions is thought to be a decisive factor for further experimental and theoretical progress.

The seminar will be devoted to the sharing of knowledge and the discussion of urgent questions in the behavior of topologically ordered materials in physical scenarios in which the presence of disorder and interactions plays an important role. Theorists and experimentalists will meet to discuss the newest developments and future perspectives in topics at the forefront of condensed matter physics, fusing topics in correlated effects of disorder and interactions and topological states.

The seminar will take place in Ben Gurion University and in Mitspe Ramon, and will include a festive opening session (BGU Senate Hall), invited talks, discussion sessions, poster sessions, an afternoon excursion and an evening-get-together.