Scientific Scope

Molecular imprinting is a generic approach for the synthesis of polymeric matrices having selectivity towards the imprinted species. This methodology has been widely employed in areas ranging from sensing and separation of organic molecules to catalysis. Recently it has been extended to larger entities such as biomolecules, whole cells and nanomaterials. 
The 10th International Conference on Molecular Imprinting, to be held in Jerusalem on June 24-28, 2018, is a continuation of the series of molecular imprinting conferences, the first being held (2000) in Cardiff, UK; the last one took place in Lund, Sweden (2016). The MIP conference is the major international platform for presenting, discussing and developing new studies and discoveries in this continually developing research area.
MIP2018 will focus on the wide spectrum of MIP activities including design and synthesis of MIPs, applications in various fields such as sensing, separation and health, bio- and nano-MIPs and more.
We expect a large number of participants who will not only enjoy the top-notch lecturers in molecular imprinting and related fields but also the beauty and uniqueness of Jerusalem.