Professional Tours

Wine Route - Vineyard Cultivation, Teperberg Winery

Teperberg Winery


Afforestation - Eshtaol Nursery, Martyrs’ Forest



KKL-JNF Tree and Plant Nurseries
Martyrs' Forest


Ancient Agriculture - Neot Kdumim, Spices and Herbs, The Seven Species Tour



Neot Kdumim


Agriculture in Arid Regions - Wastewater Treatment Facility, Date Palm Orchard, floating in the Dead Sea



Dead Sea - Kalia Beach

Root-to-Shoot Functional Phenotyping Center at the Faculty of Agriculture and Grafting Vegetables at the Hishtil Nursery


Center of Plant Physiolomic
Hishtil Nursery


Roots in action - Tel-Aviv University Botanical Garden, Large-Scale Aeroponics System 



ARO - Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center
Tel Aviv University Botanical Garden