Welcome to ISOP ISRAEL 2019

How is it that safety risks in the nuclear and aeronautic industries can be perfectly managed, yet the healthcare industry still lags far behind? Why can up to 77% of all adverse drug reactions be prevented, yet they remain the 4th to 5th leading causes of death in Western countries? 

ISOP ISRAEL, whose purpose is to improve medication safety, proposes in this conference to discover ways to analyses, prevent and manage medication errors. 

This multidisciplinary symposium is solution-oriented: Empowering Human Factors through risk communication and risk management approaches, and using Artificial Intelligence to analyses real world data, you will go back with a toolbox and methods that you can implement in your environment, the very day your return home.

Building on deep roots to reach far into the future is Israel’s expertise.  From theory to case study, you will learn how hospitals, community-based pharmacies, industry (and more) have implemented methods and tools to decrease the risks and side effects of anticoagulant use. Working on this particular high-risk medication, we have build a team, a culture and a methodology that is easily transferrable to other high-risk medications.        

ISOP ISRAEL benefits from its close partnership with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), USA, which, in close collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been working for 35 years to prevent medication errors..

Together with our partners, the Pharmacist Association of Israel, we can address DRUG SAFETY FROM ALL ANGLES.  

ISOP ISRAEL has gathered a dream team with the most renowned experts to deliver lectures at the forefront of patient safety.

We welcome those dedicated to improve medication safety: healthcare professionals, patients, risk managers, Koupot Holim, academics, industry, regulatory authorities, IT software providers, and hospital managers, among many others. You will have the opportunity to meet and discuss common problems and learn about innovative solutions to medication safety problems. 

We hope that you will enjoy our warm hospitality: within small distances, you will discover vibrant Tel Aviv, which never sleeps, the Mediterranean shores, inspiring Jerusalem, and the incredible Dead Sea colors imbedded in the desert.

In Israel, multiculturalism is built on common roots and expressed with vitality, creativity and contrasts, in art, architecture, medicine, high tech and biotech. 
With our kindest regards 

On Behalf of the Organizing committee,
Dr Rina Irene Fermont 

Dear Colleagues, 
I would like to welcome you in the International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP). I’m confident in your  ability to develop and strengthen an efficient system of Risk Management . We have to promote and protect public health and the collaboration with Israel is indeed a wonderful added value. As the president of ISoP, you know that I have always supported the creation of the ISoP Israel chapter and will continue to do so as President of CIOMS. I would like to thanks very much  and to pay a tribute to my friend Rina. She is one of the pillars of the society and I’m happy that she accepted to take  the lead of the Israel chapter.
I wish you a fruitful meeting

Professor Hervé Le Louet  
President of CIOMS
Symposium Chairman & Chair of the Scientific Committee

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